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Hedge Fund Social Media – Compliance and Investigative Due Diligence Considerations

Hedge funds are increasingly focused on establishing their presence on the Internet and via social media. This is in stark contrast to several years ago, when many hedge funds did not maintain a website at all, or only very limited … Continue reading

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A Governance Reversal? – Cayman Appeals Court Weavering Decision Turns Good Governance Bad

The Cayman islands was doing so well lately in refurbishing its image.  With the recent Cayman Islands Corporate Governance Survey, and director licensing initiatives it looked as though investors were finally about to have some real form of director oversight, … Continue reading

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Are More Hedge Funds Expensing Private Jets and Salaries At the Fund Level?

A recent Financial Times article opened with the following salvo against hedge fund managers, “Some hedge fund managers are taking salaries, private-jet expenses and entertainment costs directly out of the funds they manage…” So what? Is this necessarily a bad … Continue reading

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