Investigative Due Diligence / Background Checks

Aren't all fund manager background checks created equal? At Corgentum we don't think so.

Customized Investigations With You In Mind

Our investigative due diligence solutions are designed with the needs of investors and operational due diligence analysts in mind. Key ways our process is unique include:

  • In-house investigations - While others may outsource the background investigation process entirely, we coordinate all investigations in-house. Why? It ensures consistent quality in the process.
  • Proprietary negative information screens - Our unique screens highlight the biggest background risks, rather than drown you in meaningless data
  • Actionable risk ratings - Our risk ratings and analysis help to interpret different investigative findings based on their severity
  • Fast turnaround time - Initial results can typically be produced in hours, not days

Comprehensive Background Checks

Corgenutm's investigative due diligence compliments our operational due diligence research by diving deeper across five core background and reputational risk areas:

  • Criminal checks
  • Litigation searches
  • Regulatory research
  • Factual information review and confirmation (i.e. - previous employment, educational background)
  • News and social media reviews
Learn more about our search coverage.

Global Coverage

Just like our operational due diligence work, we perform background searches on a global basis. This includes research across major hedge fund centers such as the US, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and the Cayman Islands.

An Integrated Approach

In addition to offering stand alone investigations, we find our clients can also benefit by combining their background investigation and operational due diligence research under our industry leading proprietary integrated approach.

Read our white paper to learn more about the advantages of combining the ODD and investigative due diligence research processes.