Operational Risk

Operational risk can be broadly defined as a funds non-investment related risks.

Corgentum reviews a fund’s operational risks across a broad spectrum of categories including an analysis of the following:

  • Back office trade processing and fund accounting controls
  • Compliance procedures and oversight
  • Valuation policies and processes
  • Information technology and business continuity analysis
  • Counterparty risk management
  • Service providers reviews
  • Financial statement reviews
  • Legal documentation reviews
  • Background investigations and reputational risk analysis

Over the past several years, fueled in part by concerns of fraud, investors have become more aware of the importance of analyzing a fund's operational risks. Driven by this investor focus on operational quality, funds have responded by developing more sophisticated operational processes and back office infrastructures.

Corgentum allows investors to make better informed decisions by helping them navigate the increasingly complex and multi-disciplinary operational due diligence process.