Customized Operational Due Diligence Solutions

Corgentum creates customized operational due diligence solutions for each investor. We partner with clients to integrate our operational due diligence reviews into their existing investment due diligence process. Clients work with Corgentum to provide:

  • Complete outsourced operational due diligence on an entire portfolio of funds
  • Operational due diligence on individual funds
  • Support the work of an in-house due diligence department

Investigative Due Diligence:

Corgentum's background investigation research cover a comprehensive list of key background and reputational risks across five core areas:

  • Criminal checks:
    • Arrest records
    • Parole and probation records
    • Sex offender searches
    • Driver's license search / traffic citations
  • Litigation searches:
    • Docket searches across all federal and state courts
    • Bankruptcy, foreclosures and tax case searches
    • Judgments and liens
  • Regulatory:
    • Regulatory records searches
    • OFAC and global sanctions searches
    • Judgments and liens
  • Factual Information:
    • Employment and education verifications
    • Asset searches including property and vehicles
    • Social security verification
    • Ficticous names / doing business as searches
  • Media:
    • Web content searches
    • Broad media searches
    • Industry specific periodicals and scholarly articles
    • Social media screens

Read our white paper about the benefits of Corgentum's integrated operational due diligence and background investigation and due diligence model .

Other services include:

  • On-going operational risk monitoring and initial review revalidation
  • Customized topic specific reviews on areas such as compliance and valuation practices
  • Development of operational due diligence functions
  • Review and enhancement of existing due diligence programs

Fund types we cover:

Our operational due diligence review work covers all fund strategies and structures globally including:

  • Hedge funds
  • Private equity
  • Real estate funds
  • Managed accounts
  • Fund of funds
  • Traditional funds