Corgentum - Independent & Unbiased Hedge Fund Operational Due Diligence

When any third-party provides an investor with advice or analysis it is important to understand their motivations as well as any biases or potential conflicts of interest they may have. These considerations are paramount in the area of hedge fund operational due diligence. At Corgentum, our hedge fund operational due diligence process is independent and unbiased.

Corgentum is a completely independent organization. We are not funded, owned, or affiliated with any hedge fund or other investment entity. When performing operational due diligence reviews on behalf of investors we are not compensated in any way by hedge fund managers. Corgentum does not provide investment reviews of hedge funds. Nor do we provide hedge funds with any valuation or audit services. In fact, we do not sell any service to hedge fund managers.

Operational due diligence reviews of alternative investments are all we do. Period. This singular focus facilitates the continued development of our proprietary operational due diligence process. Corgentum’s dedicated approach ensures that our clients stay ahead of the shifting demands of hedge fund operational risk analysis.

Corgentum does not utilize checklists or due diligence questionnaires. All of our analysis starts from the ground up. Through detailed document analysis, on-site interviews, and service provider reviews, we construct the hedge fund industry’s most comprehensive operational due diligence profile of a hedge fund.

Operational due diligence of a hedge fund is a multidisciplinary exercise. The Corgentum approach is not overly slanted towards one area of operational risk while minimizing or ignoring others. Rather, our process is designed to provide a detailed analysis of a wide gamut of hedge fund operational risks. The Corgentum process incorporates deep veteran functional expertise across of multiple practice areas including:

Accounting & Back Office Operations – Financial statements, Tax, Trade Flow Analysis and Valuation

The Law – Legal documentation and Regulatory and Compliance Infrastructure

Information Technology – Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, Systems Analysis and Information Security Corgentum’s independent process, multidisciplinary approach and veteran expertise allows our firm to partner with investors to provide objective, unbiased and comprehensive analysis of a hedge fund’s operational risks.

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Corgentum - Independent & Unbiased Hedge Fund Operational Due Diligence
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